Jamie Thomson

02392 681416


I am a specialist Insurance Claims Consultant with experience in Executive & Contingency search. My training at a top Insurance Search firm, alongside Miles and Vicky, means I am well versed in our 24 step recruitment methodology. I have a passion for building strong relationships and uncovering only the best candidates in the market for my clients. Shortly after graduating from University and after a brief stint in Australia, I found my footing within Executive Search, and have enjoyed success with many clients, including major insurers.

I have always enjoyed building a successful relationship between the team here, as well as with our clients and candidates; the most satisfying part of the job is when a client comes back to us time and time again.

Having worked with several members of the team in a previous company, the culture here is that of a cohesive, hardworking machine, and it’s a very enjoyable place to spend my working life.

In my spare time, when I am not busy being the office IT guru, I enjoy playing guitar in a band and I am also a Golf GTI enthusiast.


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